Know your Interest Profile with the Holland Code

This assessment is based on Dr. John Holland’s theory* that people and work environments can be loosely classified into six different groups:


Different peoples’ personalities may find different environments more to their liking. While you may have some interests in and similarities to several of the six groups, you may be attracted primarily to two or three of the areas. These two or three letters are your Holland Code.
    For example, with a code of “RES” you would most resemble the Realistic type, somewhat less resemble the Enterprising type, and resemble the Social type even less.

note: All types have both positive and negative qualities and none are better than the others. The Holland Code is a generalization, and not likely to be an exact fit. This condensed survey is not intended to be as accurate or comprehensive as a full psychometric instrument. Once completed, you will have an interest profile to match to different career areas.

Take the 1-minute test.


*Reference: (Holland, John L. "Making Vocational Choices: A theory of Careers". Prentice Hall, 1973)

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